Blended Learning and Call: Multimedia Applications in Language Teaching


In the past, the application of technology in language classrooms included the use of film, radio, television, language labs with audio/video tapes, computers, and interactive video. Today, the use of multimedia, the Internet (especially the World Wide Web), and various forms of distance learning are wide spread. Interest in using them as tools to support language learning is growing, both from the perspective of a language educator and that of a language learner.

The aim of the essay is to present all the strengths of using multimedia in English learning and teaching. Different kind of methods of teaching second languages has been introduced over the centuries. It was only recently when the multimedia learning has begun to be used in teaching and learning foreign languages. According to Mayer (2001), multimedia can be referred to the presentation of the materials using both words and pictures. He claims that learners can better understand the message when it is presented in words and pictures than it is presented only in words. For this and many other reasons the multimedia learning has become more and more popular among both learners and teachers around the world. There is a number of strengths that can be found in the current literature using in teaching and learning second language, however I would like to presented only a couple of these used in learning especially.

Promoting autonomy
Beatty (2003) argues that the multimedia learning promotes autonomy in learning as learners have opportunities to study on their own, independent of a teacher. Also, Jones (2001) concludes that CALL can lead to autonomy, to a state in which learners exercise as much control as possible over the learning process, which modern mythologists consider it as a highly desirable outcome in language learning. Similarly, Hoshi (2002) indicates that internet technology results in self-empowerment and autonomy in learning second language.   Collins and Hammond argue...