Msf Essay

Upon completion of MSc Finance and Economics, I aim to engage in financial derivatives investment in a world-leading hedge fund. With a keen interest in hedge fund, I always pay close attention to the ups and downs of various hedge funds all around the world, trying to figure out the complicated trading strategies and quantitative tools behind the funds. The past few years witnessed revolutionary changes in the world’s capital market. Particularly, the global hedge fund industry has been badly hit and the assets under its management shrank dramatically since the subprime crisis. I am fascinated by the ever-changing hedge fund industry filled with uncertainty and growing trade-off between investors’ expectation and market fluctuation. Thus, I am determined to pursue further study and throw myself into this industry.

Actually, I have been preparing for the dream all the time. Born with sensitivity to numbers, I habitually draw gracefully twisted curves in my mind at the sight of data series. In my daily life, I used to abstract the relations among various elements: an explained variable, several explanatory variables, and sorts of operational relations on two sides of the equal mark. Then a general regression is made with the addition of the optimum coefficient, and finally a beautiful curve is produced. I am indeed amazed that everything in the world can be described magically in this way.

Despite my efforts towards my dream, I know that further study is all too necessary. Reading carefully your objective and curriculum, I believe that the program of MSc Finance and Economics is absolutely my first choice. It will provide me with a higher platform on which my utility will be improved to the largest extent within the least time. In the meantime, I have confidence in my candidacy for MSc Finance and Economics and ability to complete it successfully. Perhaps the "once-in-a-century" financial crisis will just remain upon my graduation from LSE, yet I am confident...