Mr D Pinkney

Level 3: Award in Education and Training.
Group B: 1 Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching Approaches in Education and Training.
1.3 Explain why it is important to provide opportunities for learners to develop their English, mathematics, ICT and wider skills.
Students on a first aid course only require a basic knowledge of English and Mathematics because there are reading and writing activities during the course. I would always encourage students in open discussion identifying key words during the course. There are multi choice question papers that students need to complete as part of the criteria laid down by my awarding body Qualsafe. If any student required help with this I would always support them, it may be due to dyslexia that I would have to read out the questions and allow the student to choose the correct answer.
You do not need to have exceptional functional skills to be a good first aider but a basic knowledge of English and Mathematics would help students to develop the skills they have learn on the course. Because the courses are only teaching the guidelines of first aid in a short time it is important that we encourage students to continue to research subjects when the course is completed. I would always encourage students to look up various websites that can be very useful in their development, HSE website for example is useful for up to date accident stats in the workplace. Students are also given a first aid made easy book to keep and to refer to when required.
In summary I would always encourage students to develop their functional skills in and out of the workplace, some younger students who have attended a first aid course go on to more advance courses and go into nursing or become paramedics so it is important to have the skills to help them in their future careers.

David Pinkney
First Aid Trainer