Mr Nsbe

Mr. NSBE Personal Goals
As Mr. NSBE I want to present myself as a professional young gentleman that other members in our chapter can look up to. I also going to work with the members so if they have any suggestions I could help them bring their idea to action. In addition to that I want to bring our chapter closer by communicating with the members more personally to get them more involved in our programs so it will make a bigger impact on them.   I have a couple of program ideas that will help me in doing so. First I am going to assist in making “Let’s get down to Business” a success and a very effective program for the freshman. Then throughout the year I want to have more programs that will benefit our chapter and gear them into being prepared in their futures. For example a finance workshop to help our chapter obtain more knowledge about financing, investing, and overall being educated about what to do with your money. I also had an idea about having a program to help students with public speaking. This will benefit our members because it will get them comfortable with talking in front of audiences so they can perform speeches, proposals, presentations and effectively. My next idea was to have a program to help with leadership skills by having hands on activities that will give our members experience and open up our members and make them feel comfortable being young leaders. I also want to have a couple of game nights and tournaments to bring our members out to bond with friendly competitions. Overall for the year I plan on helping spark the fuse to blow up NSBE so we will be known as a major organization on campus.    

Karlton Burnett
Industrial and Systems Engineering
North Carolina A&T State University
National Society of Black Engineers