Mr Collins Character Sketch an Comparison

Subject: Literatures in English
Book: Pride and Prejudice

Topic question:

Analyse the presentation of Mr. Collins in the novel and compare it to the character scene in the movie. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the movie portrayal of William Collins?

Name: Rynelle Ruben
Class: L6M
Teacher: Ms S. Telucksingh- Birju

      Mr Collins is a cousin of the Bennets and the successor to their estate. He arrives at Longbourn with intensions of marrying one of the Bennet sisters, and decides on Jane. Upon hearing of her impending engagement he moves his attention to Elizabeth, Jane’s younger sister.
The movie presents Mr. Collins as a short, slender man which is contrary to the book. In the book Austen wrote this character as being “a tall, heavy looking young man of five and twenty”. Both the movie and the book depict him as being welcomed gladly at the door by Mrs. Bennet. Mrs. Bennet is the mother of the Bennet household; she is obsessed with marrying off her five daughters. She views Mr. Collins as ‘fresh meat’, in other words as an opportunity to have another one of her daughters married.
The Mr. Collins of the movie is a twitchy, nervous, stiff, confused looking little man. And withstanding all of this he regards himself quite highly. He seems to genuinely believe that all that he has to say is important and needed to be heard.
Austen describes Mr. Collins as having very formal manners. In the proposal scene he appears to be saying exactly what he thinks he should. Telling Elizabeth how she attracted his special attention as soon as he got there, and listing his reasons for wanting to marry. He had fallen for Jane first but he probably lied because he thought it best and all of his reasons for wanting to marry seemed based on himself and his own happiness and peace of mind. This scene of the movie holds many similarities to the book.
This character that was comical in the movie and serious in the book, he is condescending, think headed...