About Best Damn Ship in the Navy by Mr. C. Davis

I recommend this book. It has many of the recommendations and specific techniques that can take and apply immediately to any leadership role. The book is well written and reads quickly.

However, think it is important to stress certain points. First, the “line” of the book “Captain” Abrashoff as the author. But the picture shows him as “Commander”, the next rank below captain. So it is tradition to call any naval officer Captain, that does not change its current ranking, nor is that to keep the officer is appointed captain after leaving the station commander. It seems that this reader Captain Abrashoff in a little self-promotion (pun intended to give), spoiled his book a bit more credibility.

What m ‘leads to the second point. Mr. Abrashoff is no longer in the Navy and started a management and consulting firm. This book is part of the marketing plan that supports these efforts. It is a mistake to believe that he share a Marine officer who just wants selfless, a few good ideas he has had with the public.

Third, while Benfold discussed that, in fact, a large ship with an excellent reputation, many successes in the book, how early the passage of the audit events in a broader context of changes in the training cycle of the Navy. At that time the emphasis was placed on ships to the first third of the cycle (often completely as the basic phase) as soon as possible. This was so that the commander could use assigned the rest of the fuel and the time after the initial training phase, it considers important enough. So while Mr. Abrashoff had a huge number of successes in the early completion of the training, the entire system has been initiated to support it.

However, despite all these exceptions, the book is extremely useful. As a career naval officer, I recommend this book to anyone who takes the first order, the officer in charge or ticket management.