Motivating the Team to Perform in the Workplace.

M3.12 Motivating the Team to Perform in the workplace.

The value of assessing performance
Formal – Within Company we have many procedures to access the company, departments and individual assessments on how this different areas/person is performing. A formal way that I assess my sales team is to have an annual appraisal for each individual. I make sure that I stick to some clear set goals myself to insure a fair system for all members.
• Complete first draft of the appraisal form
• Submit to the individual 2 weeks before the planned date
• Set and keep the date/time/location, making sure first that it is convenient for both parties
• Completing all appraisal’s within 1 month
• Submit final type of version of the appraisal within 1 week for agreement and signatures.
This ensures that I am prepared. I will make sure that I have examples and back up with data and facts. Within the appraisal I use the company document to follow correct procedure, thus making sure I cover all areas from knowledge, skills and behaviour. When conducting the appraisal I use open and probing questions, to allow the individual a chance to discuss and express their own views.
The key goal for the appraisal is to set achievable SMART objectives/goals. This change range from increasing their sales target, targeting new clients, training both internal and external. These will be reviewed quarterly. This keeps the focus and enables time for recognition and praise. Also keeping my team focused and motivated
Anything that is discussed in the appraisal I make sure (as much as I can) that the individual has fully understood and agrees to steps forward. This can be confirmed on signing of the documents, but also I look out for their body language.
A key benefit of this is that it is written notification and keeps a clear history record of individual’s targets, achievement’s and smart objectives. This can also be used throughout the year, to judge and set new objectives if required....