Medisys Case


1.    Statement of problems: main and secondary. Analyze the problems by identifying the pertinent facts vs. assumptions. Ask yourself the questions: where did the facts come from and how do I know they are correct?
The main problem that is causing issues for MediSys is communication.   Symptoms of the communication issues are team conflict, team developmental problems, communication problems up and down the chain and amongst peers, avoiding team members, a lack of trust, and team members avoiding other team members.   Communication on the team is not transparent.   In particular Fogel frequently meets with O’Brien, Gerson, and when he is around Mukerjee, to have informal brainstorming sessions.   The two women of the team, Merz and Baio, are left out of conversations where solutions and decisions are made for the team. Communication practices didn’t change with the change from a sequential to parallel product development and formalized teams.   The changes made by the president to the organization were intended to capture the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, yet they manifested into additional problems that the company needs to solve.   Also, the reporting and evaluation of team members did not change.   This led to both communication and leadership issues within the IntensCare team.   The project leader is the liaison to the executive committee, but they don’t have open lines of communication.   The executive committee can receive information from the project leader, but also via their individual divisions in the organization.   Other communication issues include:   team members are not expressing their feelings about outsourcing software development; the fact that two members want modularity of the product, but have not told anyone else this information; and that prior experiences with product development has shown them that they can launch a product and have the first users be part of the initial testing of the product.   Additionally, only having...