Team Charter Performance Reveiw

Analysis of team charter

The University of Phoenix

MGT 521 / Management

August 10, 2009

Analysis of team charter
      The team charter will continuously serve as a reminder that no one student will be burdened with the responsibility of doing every assignment by his or herself. After careful consideration, the consolidation and the evaluation of the team charter, it is evident that there is a diverse skill set present, and all the team members are consciously agreeable to the fact that a team effort will allow us to produce the highest quality of work.
      A group of students working as a team must have a diverse amount of skills in order to add quality to any assignment or project. Organizational skills, research, data gathering, presentation services including excel and PowerPoint, and finally writing and editing skills are the foundation of Team C’s optimal performance. Given the account of skills on hand I believe that Team C will be able to function effectively, efficiently and produce high quality work. I also like the idea that the individuals on Team C come from difference backgrounds of work, like finance, social work, project management and an assistant vice president of a bank. I believe that everyone will bring something unique to the table because of their personal experiences and diverse career paths. In addition I believe that through the collaboration of Team C we will work well together because the assessments taken on Do I Trust Others, and How Good Are My Listening Skill were very similar for every team member.
      By using the team charter as a tool to guide us on every assignment I believe the best work will be created. The team charter adds great value because the team does not have to waste time figuring out who is good at what job and who should do what. The fact that it outlines the great skills we all have and those we desire to enhance or increase, we can definitely use the team charter as a guide. For example, one of...