Mortal Insrurments City of Ashes Analysis Chart

Mortal Instruments City of Ashes
By: Cassandra Clare

Clary Fray wants things to go back to normal though life as a shadow hunter is far from normal. She possesses great shadow hunter abilities but is not aware of it. With her family destroyed she is left in a cloud of confusion. She is in love with her brother, hates her father, Valentine, and her mother is in a coma. Clary will do anything to help her mother come out of her coma and destroy Valentine. When she finds out her best friends life is in danger she turns to her unknown abilities to save him. But it may bee to late to save her best friend, her brother, and seek vengeance on her father.
Symbol: Runes are symbols or marks that are present many times in the story. They represent both a literal and figurative symbol. They represent the idea of god and are used to get out of scenarios. Some runes permit abilities others heal, some can transform objects but they all solve plotline problems.
Quote: "But the Shadow hunter thing…they're like a cult." "They're not a cult." "Sure they are. Shadow hunting is their whole lives. And they look down on everyone else. They call us mundanes. Like they're not human beings. They're not friends with ordinary people, they don't go to the same places, they don't know the same jokes, they think they're above us." (67) This quote is a great example of prejudice.
Interpretation: I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy. Though the book begins at a slow pace it gets interesting quickly and will be sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats until they turn the next page.
Main Characters:
Clary- Clary Fray is the shadow hunter daughter of Valentine and Jocelyn Fray, when she discovers she is a shadow hunter she unlocks a secret world beyond eyes reach of all other human mortals.
Jace- Jace Walland is recently discovered to be Cary’s older brother though he is a much greater shadow hunter and has underlying feelings for Clary.