1. Executive Summary
This report will elaborate about the strategy management of Carrefour operating in China. With the data collected, an in-depth understanding of the overall current situation of Carrefour will be analyzed. Key issues will be highlighted to evaluate the criteria for the strategies as it will lead Carrefour to more specific direction in strategic vision and focus on their objectives. A set of implementation plan will be established to create stronger competitive edge are recommended. Following which will be contingency and control plan to sustain and assess the strategy. Lastly, the future of Carrefour and recommendations for it will be presented to end off the report.

      2.1. The Research Background
The objective of this report is to obtain a better understanding of the current situation of Carrefour in China, in order to recommend the appropriate strategies and implementations that Carrefour should undertake, and it is supported by credible online and books.

      2.2. The Sources and Methods of Data Collection
Researches are done mainly through internet, journals, and past analysis that are done by business developer and etc, from sources such as the World Wide Web and publications. Analysis is also done on past reports published by Carrefour and its direct competitors.

      2.3. The Report Organization
This report has been arranged beginning with an introduction to the operational environment of Carrefour, followed by the main discussion section covering the key factors of strategy management. The report is then ended with a conclusion.

  2. Overview Analysis
As organization operates in both internal and external environment concurrently, environment analysis will helps to determine the competitive advantages, opportunities and threats prevailing therein.
      3.4. Internal Environment
  a) Sustain Competitive advantages
  * Valuable capabilities allow the firm to exploit opportunities or neutralise threats in...