Market Segementation

Electrify Gaming and Wi-Fi Zone
Shanita Riddick
Strayer University

Marketing Management

Dr. Franklin Gaillard

The rapid growth of the Internet and online services has been witnessed worldwide as being the beginning of a long lived trend towards the economy built on the infrastructure of communication and gaming over the Internet. The potential growth of Internet use is enormous today to the point where a computer terminal with online connection is as common and necessary as a telephone. Electrify will be establishing itself as the first local upscale Internet socializing hub. Electrify will enjoy the advantages of name recognition and customer loyalty. The Internet and gaming has become a conversation piece in almost all social groups. People like to communicate their Internet experience with their friends, colleagues, and family which can be difficult to do in front of a computer terminal at the office or home.   A comfortable place to gather and share experiences is becoming a real need.
Electrify will provide its customers with full gaming and Internet access. Electrify will provide a forum for business people interested in sharing their Internet based ideas, a social hub for college students interested in sharing a beverage and gaming over the internet with friends, a place for seniors and retirees to gather and learn about the power of Internet and its communication methods, and a stopping point for business travelers in need of an Internet connection. Electrify creates a unique, innovative, and upscale atmosphere that will differentiate it from future social hubs.   This is an environment that won’t intimidate the user. Electrify will position itself as an educational resource for individuals wishing to learn the benefits of the Internet and individuals wishing to experience relaxation through gaming. Electrify will be established as a community hub for socialization and entertainment.

Electrify Gaming and Wi-Fi Zone