Biz Plan

The Innovators Business Plan (Team 3)
‘Grab and Go’ Wireless 3G/WiMAX Communications Suite
AMBA 600, Section 1141
Professor Merin
November 22, 2009

Table of Contents
    I. Product Description
    II. Product Justification
  III. Operating Industry
    IV. Potential Customers / Market Size
    V. Product Competition / Substitutes
    VI. Global Market Strategy
  VII. Pricing
  VIII. Profit Explanation
    IX. Financial Reports
    X. References

‘Grab and Go’ Wireless 3G/WiMAX Communication Suite
I. General Product Description
      The ‘Grab and Go’ 3G/WiMAX Communication Suite allows multiple users to simultaneously access and share a single commercial cellular connection, giving employees instant access the internet remotely, anywhere and anytime. This compact suite is fully contained within a ruggedized Pelican case, weighs less than 15 lbs, and ready for immediate transport and operation. The unit can be operated on 120-240VAC, 12VDC or rechargeable battery power lasting up to 12 hours.
      The suite consists of a wireless router, a PCMCIA cellular modem card adaptor, cellular antenna, and an integrated 12V UPS with battery backup. The suite can be operated in both external and internal modes, using a wireless 3G or WiMAX cellular connection. The suite is also equipped to handle any standard ADSL or cable connection. It can be configured for secure communications through the application of allied or US-only cryptographic controlled items (CCI) for both government or military applications.

      [pic] Figure 1. Grab and Go Wireless 3G/WiMAX Communication Suite Concept, Source:,,,,,

      This communication suite meets standard military specifications (MILSPEC), made to withstand the most rigorous conditions and temperatures. The Pelican case serves two primary functions: transport and operation. The suite is ready...
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