Miss Brill

As you can notice in the story the life of Miss Brill was in constant repetition, everything she
does was the same, and this is probably because she was all alone in her life and she did not have
someone to share common things and do different stuffs as the days passed.
In respect of her fur, it is a symbolism of her, something that she doesn’t want to let it go, she
describes it very carefully and it is really important how she refers to her fur almost as her everything; so
that’s why I am connecting the fur to her and is just a way to express how she was feeling having
flashbacks of how she was before.
Sadly, because she wasn’t having a great life at that moment, she has to conform by having
thoughts about others people feelings and emotions. This is why she was always listening to what other
people said and paying attention to how people react in certain circumstances.
Maybe those days where the only days were she felted complete and like she was doing
something, because all of her life was loneliness and boring so that it is why she was pretty happy when
she talked about those adventures as we can called. It was sort of an escape of her real world, and she
saw it like something new, knowing things about other people and having thoughts about it.
In some point, when the girl makes fun of her fur, it is when she realized that it is time to move
on. And that it is why she decides to put it in a box. So, it is kind of a symbolism that that age already
passes away and she has to do something else.