Miss Brill

ENG                                                                                                             09/23/09

In the story Miss Brill was conflicted by not having one of the basic human needs for survival, which was companionship meaning, people need other people in order to survive. Miss Brill by lacking that basic human need she replaced it by other means, which she expresses in the story. She was an older lady presumably a widow or divorcee. She was a school teacher and on her day off like every Sundays she would always attend a concert at Jardins Publiques Park. Where she felt special and needed there in her mine also where she hears everyone’s conversation sort of like watching a play to her. There are many details that provide insight into Miss Brill’s characteristics and her lifestyle she has chosen for herself.

Miss Brill was an old woman that apparently didn’t have any friends or family members or perhaps the family members where to distant to her. She was a very lonely older woman she listened to others peoples conversation perhaps she did this because she was bored of her own life that she wish she could put herself in someone else life for only just minutes so that her life could feel a bit more interesting. She did not like the old couple that she was listening to there conversation she said the they where not interesting and she also said They were odd, silent, nearly all old, and from the way they stared they looked as though they’d just come from dark little rooms or even-even cupboards. In fact she did not like them cause they reminded her of herself and what she wanted to experience something new something interesting from peoples conversation. Not to bring her to realty to her lonely and meaning less life which she tries to avoid by going every Sunday to the park to see different people with interesting stories to overhear.

Miss Brill seems to be a pretty quite old lady that tends not to stand out and pretends she is not...