Some Short-Stories Analyzing

The Destructors
Little Cloud
I’m a Fool
Just Lather, That’s All.
A Special Occasion
Defender of the Faith
Paul's Case
The Catbird Seat
The Lottery
The Enchanted Doll
Thus I Refute Beelzy
The Rocking Horse Winner
Miss Brill
A Clean, Well-lighted Place
Parts to this review:
Point of View

I. Setting
The Destructors: around 1948 - 1950 England - London
Little Cloud: 20th century 1920s or maybe 30s Ireland - Dublin
I’m a Fool: 20th century, after WWII USA - southern state
Just Lather, that’s all: early 1900s, during revolution Mexico
A special occasion: modern day - 1960s USA, children’s hospital
Defender of the Faith: May, 1945 Camp Crowder, Missouri, USA
Paul's Case: 1900 - 1920 time frame Boston & New York, USA
The Catbird Seat: 1950s maybe later USA, city, corporate office
The Lottery: circa 20th century, or modern times unknown - Europe or North America
The Enchanted Doll:
Thus I Refute Beelzy: 20th century Western culture
The Rocking-horse Winner 20th century USA
Miss Brill: Sunday (modern times - 1960s?) Park
A Clean, Well-lighted Place: Late at night, city in Europe or North America

II. Characters
Protagonist: Usually the main character, and the one whom the reader sympathizes or in some way identifies with. This character is commonly “the good guy”.
Antagonist: Usually the opponent of the main character, who in some way prevents or obstructs the protagonists goal in the story. This is often “the bad guy”.
Types of characters:
Flat: Not much is known about the character. Reader doesn’t usually see this characters thoughts or feelings. Character can be summed up in one or two sentences.
Stereotype: a type of flat character that is commonly found in fiction.
Round: A more complex character. The reader usually sees this characters thoughts and feelings. This type of character usually faces some dilemma.
Dynamic: Any...