Miss Brill

miss brill
Author: melvin jones Date/Time Printed: Feb 06, 2011 09:46 PM

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Title: Miss Brill Date Created: February 6, 2011

Miss Brill, by Katherine Mansfield, exemplifies how an author can use diolouge to shape and enhance our thoughts. The very detailed description of setting, character description all showing how loneliness can affect the lives of human beings. The fact that she establishes verisimilitude so that her readers can almost visualize the people she describes in the park, the Jardins publiques, where the band plays, where she eavesdrop in others conversations and quite frankly where she imagines herself "watching" a play, background or setting of our story is very important to the story. The characters and the story is told in third person limited point of view, omniscient, the author is able to tell the thoughts of Miss Brill and she is able to tell the thoughts of others, even though she is in park with everyone else, she still sees these people as part of a play, the author is able tell Miss Brill thoughts as she tells us the thoughts of the others in the park, she thought of herself as an actress, she was so indulged she wouldn't have known if he was alive or dead, as she was reading to the old man. The theme of the story may be loneliness may cause mental illness to some degree by altering reality. Miss Brill does at several during the story seem to lose touch with reality by referring to the fur as if it could think; "What has been happening to me?" and that it was "biting it's tail by it's left ear". Miss Brill could be characterized as a flat character, there is no evolvement, is not complex, has only one role, so can be described as static as opposed to a dynamic character. She is the protagonist. or, the first actor. Noone in the park speaks to her, and she speaks to noone. Toward the end of the story, two children call her old, and thats when we realize that Miss Brill is as old as the others, she...