Midwest Mountaineering

Midwest Mountaineering

Gopher Adventure Race participants were led to Midwest Mountaineering where there is an indoor bouldering cave. The stage was in the Midwest Mountaineering store. One race participant from each team would Climb the bouldering cave wale the other was completing a scavenger hunt in the store. The race participant who was climbing had to ether climbe a short rout without falling or a long rout for a set amount of time. The race partipant who.

All race participants who took part in the bouldering cave were required to sign a waiver and were given proper instructions on how to climb safely.. Participants were warned of the dangers that could arise while fencing.  

Identifying the Risks
  * Participants running through the west bank which is heavily crowded.

  *   injury resulting from falling, including, hitting rock faces and projections, whether permanently or temporarily in place, stairs and landing or the floor.

  *   Rope abrasion, entanglement and other injuries resulting from activities on or near the Bouldering Cave,   climbing, bouldering, belaying, lowering on a rope, and any other rope techniques.

  *   Injuries resulting from falling climbers or dropped items, ropes or climbers’ hardware.

  *   Cuts and abrasions resulting from skin contact with the Bouldering Cave.

  *   Failure of ropes, slings, harnesses, climbing hardware, anchor points, handholds, or any part of the Bouldering Cave structure.

Classification of Risk
| Severity of Risk |
| High | Medium | Low |
High Frequency | | | |
Medium Frequency | | -Fencing swords used without proper precautions | -Running through a crowded West Bank-Running around Midwest Mountaineering |
Low Frequency | -Head and or neck injury from falling off bouldering cave | -Crossing the bike path while bikers are going by-Concrete surface causing minor injuries-Tripping over cords | -Being hit by sword in unprotected areas-merchandise damage from scavenger...