Wind Turbines of Shaffer Mountain

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Wind Turbines on Shaffer Mountain

Building the wind turbines on Shaffer Mountain is wrong. The Turbines will endanger many of the animals and plants on Shaffer Mountain. It would take thousands of huge turbines to produce the same amount of energy as a conventional power plant. There are a bunch of other places that would work much better. Shaffer Mountain has a unique habitat that is found in a few remote locations on the higher elevations of the Appalachian Mountains.
Shaffer Mountain is home to many rare plants and many wonderful raptors. The tree’s that shelter the wonderful birds will have to be cut down to build the turbines. Many of the rare plants will be destroyed. There are streams that are of exceptional value to the wild brook trout population. Thirty turbines will not help this environment out.
Wind turbines us a lot of energy to operate, but produce very little amounts of energy. To create as much energy as the Homer City Power Plant just over the summer would take 5,365 turbines covering 671 miles of Pennsylvania’s ridge tops. Wind is a big factor on producing the energy. If little amounts of wind is blown each day then not a whole lot of energy will be created. However if there is too much wind then the turbines will have to be shut down. There are more suitable places to hold the turbines that will create fewer problems for the environment.
Gamesa has a few other places that do not have such a significant use of the rare plants and some endangered species. There are so many unused strip mines that would work. A mile south of the proposed site on the Somerset County side a half-mile from Allegheny Front is a much better site. All throughout Pennsylvania are places that are not being used and would be so much better.
Building the turbines on Shaffer Mountain is wrong. Animals as well as plants lives are in danger. The Turbines do not produce a whole lot of energy anyways. There are far better places to...