Mgt Reflection Week Two

Weekly Reflection for Week 2
The Majority of companies use a job analysis format. Some aspect of the development may seem easy whereas others tend to be more difficult.   Analyzing a job is as an important tool to create a job description. One of the main tasks of the preparation of job analysis is to prepare job descriptions, specifications, and functions. This action is the process of obtaining information about a position detailing the description and requirements for the skills necessary to perform the position. This helps the recruiter in recruitment of adequate skills for a position. As a basis for future improvement, job analysis includes the definition of the domain of work, job description, and development of performance appraisals. In addition, the analysis generates a selection systems, and criteria for promotion, evaluation of the needs of training, and compensation plans in accordance to K. Begley.
One of the difficult areas that a team member does not feel comfortable with is the job analysis in relations to the American Disabilities Act. Prior to announcing a job to an applicant, he or she affirms the differences between essential and nonessential functions to applicants (Casio, 2010.) However, listing the items is not sufficient. Does one still employ a person able to perform the essential functions of the position but not able to handle the duration listed for the position. Where does a person draw the line? Several well-qualified workers have disabilities.   This team member continues to struggle in defining qualified and nonqualified disabled workers.
However, Angela another team member states she does not struggle with job descriptions or job analysis because without the analysis there is no job description. Nonetheless, she feels most comfortable with the job descriptions. The analysis along with an accurate description of a job is very important because a person can immediately tell if he or she is qualified for a particular position or...