Media's Negative Influences on Young Women

Media’s Negative Influences on Young Women

Women are exposed to media images of “the thin ideal” from a very early age. Television, movies, and magazines all perpetuate the idea that an ultra thin woman is the ideal. So much so, that many magazines digitally alter the cover model to show a much thinner, shapelier figure for the cover. Doing this they influence the subconscious mind of young women. Therefore, women continue to spend their money, trying to achieve this unattainable look they constantly see in media advertising.

Your body image is how you perceive, think, and feel about your body. However, this may have no bearing at all on your actual appearance. According to this article given from “Many things can spark weight concern for girls and impact their eating habits in potentially unhealthy ways: struggles with self-esteem, and media images showing the ideal female body as thin. Therefore, this is a direct result of the media and the negative influences they have over young influential women.

Women tend to look to magazines, television, movies, and other media products full of images that show skinny women’s bodies.   This leads to dieting, excessive exercise, and abnormal eating behaviors. Eleven million women in the United States suffer from eating disorders. Many eating disorder specialists agree that chronic dieting is a direct consequence of the social pressure on American females to achieve a nearly impossible thinness. The media has been denounced for upholding and perhaps even creating the emaciated standard of beauty by which females are taught from childhood to judge the worth of their own bodies.

By presenting an ideal look which is difficult to achieve and maintain the cosmetic and diet product industries are assured of growth and profits. It is estimated that the diet industry alone is worth $100 billion (U.S.) a year. This being a lot of money is certainly worth their while to continue to foster abnormally...