Food Advertisement

Advertisements are kind of communication between industries and consumers. Advertisements persuade audiences to purchase their products. Now a days advertisements become the backbone of the industrial   world. These advertisements have a huge impact not only on adult audiences   but young audiences too. For example the fast food restaurants are selling their unhealthy food with toys and   promoting ads on the TV all day long. These promotions are quite appealing for young children and they don’t even know the side effects of these products. The fast food advertisements are compelling their young audiences to eat their unhealthy food and get free toys with the meal. Eating these unhealthy foods are causing childhood obesity, stroke, hypertension and cancer. Fast food is very unhealthy for the children and these advertisements should be banned from TV.
Fast food looks so attractive on TV and makes people feel hungry. The lettuce, melting cheese,   red tomato, and grilled meat seems a healthy but these are high in sodium, fat, and low in important vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. Simply filling up on empty calories is not healthy. These TV advertisement are also giving the idea to their audience that eating out is an easy and convenient option.   Nowadays, more and more people around the world are frequently relying on fast foods as a regular source of meals. In the past when fast food advertisements weren’t as popular on TV, people considered going to a restaurant as a special treat or something to enjoy on a date or a family night out.
  These advertisements negatively influence our young audience. They influence our kid’s by making their favorite movies characters into the toys and compelling the young audiences to eat their fast foods. Every channel on TV is full with these ads. If a person want to watch TV and relax, these ads pop up and they makes kids insist to their parents to visit their fast food restaurants.

Fast foods are doubly bad...