Critically Review the Influence of Consumerism on Young People Aged 11-16

Critically review the influence of consumerism on young people aged 11-16

Over the past years children have become the main focus of the increasing attention and debate of consumerism. Children have become more important to companies as their main consumer and marketers are saying that children are becoming more empowered in this new commercial world. (Buckingham 2011).   Consumerism is seen as the identity of a youth, it plays a big part of a young person’s life today as it reflects on their personality and style. Consumerism will be based on the trends and social norms for what kind of things a young person might desire. Looking at influences through consumerism it is seen that young people influence each other and this is when social trends are created (Griffin 1997). As children grow and become teenagers they try to fit in with different trends such as dressing, acting and liking the same activities as other young people, this is when subgroups are formed in order to distinguish different types of people (Hoyer & MacInnes 2000). This essay will look at how consumerism influences young people aged eleven to sixteen and will critically review the positives and negatives of consumerism.

As consumerism is making endless amounts of money for the economy, marketing strategies will make young children want to buy new products. Over the years advertising has developed majorly and now have psychologically targeted persuasive techniques for persuading manipulating and altering consumer perceptions (Schor 2004). The media now aims many of their advertisements at children and young people as they believe they can be influenced easily. These adverts persuade children to buy certain brands or products which children will think they need and companies know that this will consciously and subconsciously alter their perceptions (Hulbert 2004).   Many companies will use their power to manipulate children to buy their products which will boost their sales. It is estimated...