Young Women's Body Image in America Today

Young Women’s Body Image in America Today
We all have our ideal of what we would like to look in order to gain acceptance from ourselves or the people around us. However, while most of us, women, take a healthy approach in achieving this ideal image, like consuming a healthy diet and exercising regularly, others go to extreme measures like eating close to nothing or choosing to regurgitate the food they have previously eaten in large amounts and exercising obsessively. Where have all of these obsessive behaviors originated from and most importantly, what makes one think that they can continue the behavior without serious health consequences, are questions that escape me.
It is a well known fact that we create the ideal of exterior beauty based on what magazines and TV images present us with. Being thin, I think is the single, most predominant aspect that the media is promoting to the young audience just because a thin figure presenting specific merchandise will appeal more to the audience, which in turn will purchase the product. What bothers me is that this aspect is not promoted in the appropriate context in the sense that being physically fit and of a proportionate weight is beneficial to one’s health and emotional well being in the sense that it offers more positive energy and motivation to be active. Strangely enough for me, being thin in America equals almost an air of superiority to the person because being thin offers the benefits of being more socially accepted, getting a better job that an overweight person and other frivolous benefits that I should think are trivial if they are obtained just because a person has the capability of maintaining a certain weight or are more pleasant looking than their competitio        
I do agree, however, that that there is a general misconception that the reason the overweight people are not deserving of a better job, close friends, etc. is because they tend not to take care of themselves and prefer not to for no...