Strategic Management of Mcdonalds

McDonalds is considered as one of the largest chain of food service companies. They have almost more than 30,000 restaurants over almost 100 countries.   It has a very strong and deep financial base and situation and their products have been accepted all over the world with its quality and taste. McDonalds have a typical and particular ability and competency and universal infrastructure in their operations.   McDonalds look after their areas and surroundings with their high commitments and openly communicating their cognition and skilfulness for the safety of their food for the coming coevals.
McDonalds has established back in 1937 by Patrick McDonald. Even though this has been established in 1937, the dealership company that which is popular as McDonalds is started at Des Plains in Chicago on April 1955 by a man called Ray Kroc. Then the McDonald has been moved to San Bernardino by McDonald brothers Dick and Mac.
In 1954, almost ten years later Mr Ray Kroc has taken the McDonalds which were just originally a franchisee from McDonald brothers. Mr Ray Kroc was then a milk shake blender representative when took over the franchisee. The McDonalds has a special feature which made them stand out from others is they have a special menu for special time such as breakfast , lunch and dinner menus and top it all it keeps different menus in different countries according to the demography, their cultural values and with high quality service and standards.   Recently, they started to provide several services such as wireless internet access etc.
In the midst of 1965, McDonalds issued their public share with a dollar rate of 22.50 per share but by early 2003 a market research showed that the share came down more than 3 percent. They have almost 343.8 million dollar loss after running the business for the last 40 years in 2003.
Executive Summary
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