Mba Student

Statistical Analysis of Belle Isle
Leslie Washington, Kelly Lizyness, Ruth Sims, Harold Lang, Willie A. Thompson IV
March 25, 2013
Jerry Weyand

Statistical Analysis of Belle Isle
The current financial state of Belle Isle prevents the city from maintaining the normal operations that the park was developed to provide.   Team B has set out to gather statistical information that could potentially lead to an increase of attendance and revenue the city needs to improve the park’s attractions.   The following document contains information on how Team B will survey people in the Detroit Metropolitan area, rank the information they collect, and classify their findings.  
Survey Development
Mailing surveys is an effective method of data collecting.   Team B’s survey that they will use to gather input from the residents of Detroit and surrounding cities to determine what it will take to get people to come out more often.   The questions that the survey contains are as follows:
  1. Within how many miles of Belle Isle do you live? Knowing where the potential or current resident live will allow team b to see if the challenge is the visitor or potential visitor lives too far.   This question will also assist team B in suggesting things that will draw new visitors such as providing transportation (e.g., bus or shuttle) to those wanting to visit Belle Isle without transportation.
  2. How often do you visit Belle Isle? This question is very important because it will allow team B to see whom and how often people are visiting Belle Isle.   It will also help Team B see what the barriers are for individuals who are not visiting Belle Isle so Team B can try to eliminate the barriers. This question would also help Team B understand who the new visitors are and what they expect from visiting Belle Isle.   Team B wants to address the problems visitors have in terms of transportation and other problems.   These questions on the survey will allow team B to get a better...