Today's Mba Is Yesterdays Bachelors

Today’s MBA is Yesterdays Bachelors
Michael Martinez
University of Phoenix

Today’s MBA is Yesterdays Bachelors
The MBA degree has gone through a transition in the past 2 decades and continues to build a niche in the new economic business world. The question is, will today’s MBA student is able to continue to grow into the new worldwide needs with of the current MBA desires.
It used to that the offers would be rolling in, in today’s market students have to work faster and harder to bring in the offers. Today an MBA is more of a license to maneuver in the business world than an automatic key to the executive wash room (G.D. Grady).
It is a different story today since companies are taking a closer look at incoming new hires with or without an MBA degree. Although the MBA does not guarantee a ticket to the front of the line it does open up opportunities that may not be there otherwise.
In the late 1990’s students knew that if they started a company after graduation, an early retirement was available at an early age. In today’s market, that same option is unavailable however today’s student is willing to pay his or her dues in order to get ahead (G.D. Grady).
The value of the MBA is still significant and recognized worldwide. While MBA programs have long been fixtures in the United Sates, they are becoming even more valuable worldwide in the international business world. In the United States the MBA has taken an upward shift in importance in the business world; however the MBA has gone through a massive explosion in all business MBA programs. Having an MBA from the United States is now an important commodity in the worldwide business arena (G.D. Grady).
The MBA degree is not as sought after as it was fifteen to twenty years ago, but the MBA now has more options. Today’s student now has the ability to tailor an MBA after their own personal needs. Despite an increase of MBA programs the MBA remains an extremely attractive diploma and proficiency to...