Mba Argument

My Decision to Obtain an MBA
Kelly Nicoll
MGT 521 Management
March 11, 2012
Professor David Walker

The decision to go back to school to obtain an MBA was an easy one to make.   This expands employment opportunities and will provide the MBA holder with more expansive career choices.   There is greater income potential with an advanced degree.   Possessing an MBA gives one a feeling of control in their career decisions.   Studies show people with control over their destiny are happier and more well-adjusted as compared to those do not have this control.   Businesses recruit graduates and are willing to pay the salary that is in demand.   An MBA graduate has the leverage to discuss salary options.   Networking opportunities are available as a result of the friendships that are forged (Chynn, 2009).
One needs to consider the possible disadvantages of obtaining an MBA.   There is the cost, hard work, and sacrifice as well as the study and time commitment.   There is the return on investment (ROI) to weigh out as getting an MBA can be expensive.   One needs to analyze the projected earnings from a Bachelor’s Degree over the course of 10 years versus the income potential with an MBA.   Getting an MBA is an investment that one can count on over the course of a lifetime.   In my case, I have the tuition reimbursement so I will have minimal out-of-pocket expenses.   The time and commitment is the greater factor to consider because I am a mother of a young child.  
Part of the decision process includes whether to go full-time or part-time.   It also includes the choice of a traditional school environment versus online.   Some will argue that an online setting loses the value of networking as it is more of a challenge to meet people (Chynn, 2009).   Additionally, a school such as Harvard Business School may be more highly regarded but many people are not afforded the time or luxury to attend.   Although a traditional setting as a full-time student may be ideal, taking part-time...