Costruct and Support an Argument

Construct and Support an Argument
Henry Robaina
University of Phoenix
John Grabarczyk
October 18, 2010

Construct and Support an Argument
A few months ago I was working long hours at a dead end job, when I decided it was time for a change in my life.   I realized that in this tough economy it was necessary to have more than just a Bachelor’s degree. Friends and relatives have been annoyingly telling me to return to school for quite some time. Finally I took a step forward, and motivated myself to return for a run at an MBA program with University of Phoenix. The main reasons I determined to pursue an MBA degree was to fulfill my goal of acquiring a higher education, making more money, and eventually advance up the corporate latter into a managerial position.
      According the (United States Department of Labor Statistics), “Many top executives have a bachelor’s or graduate degree in business administration, liberal arts, or a more specialized discipline.”   If this information is completely accurate, them completing an MBA will assist me in pursuing better employment opportunities for myself. Dr. Heather Allen stated in one of her many articles that education is the foundation for graduate students to have the leverage of choosing from many job opportunities not available to those who did not pursue education beyond high school. A higher degree translates in many forms like, earning more money, more knowledge, more recognition from coworkers and family members, better employment opportunities, bigger network of professionals, and ability to associate with   productive members of this society.
      (Allen, 2009) stated in one of her articles that, “Specifically, the US Census Bureau reported in 2004 that, on average, a college graduate earns $54,704, significantly more than the $30,056 earned annually by someone with a high school diploma, or the $22,100 earned by a high school dropout.” These statistics are self explanatory because it...