Mba Argument Paper

Is an MBA Still Relevant?
Maira Simington, PhD

Is an MBA Still Relevant?
In the last few years we have seen our economy collapse with failures in the banking sector, automobile sector, housing sector, and many businesses have laid-off employees or closed their doors completely. Many companies have downsized their management including mid-level and high-level positions even those with “graduate degrees were not in as much demand” (Benedict, 10/2/2006).   This downsizing has not just affected companies, but families as well. People are not spending money on the luxuries they once did such as vacations, TV’s, computers, cars, and education. With the economy remaining unstable many have chosen to forgo school and the expenses that come with the education process until the economy gets better (Lagace, 5/3/2010). While spending a large amount of money in this current recession may not seem like a good idea; many have decided that pursuing a MBA degree is not a luxury but an essential part of the career path and a needed requirement for management. With the changing face of business today it has become imperative to continue to strive for higher education. Those management positions of the past just requiring a bachelor’s degree now are requiring a MBA to even be considered and will have to do more with less. It is for these reasons that I chose to pursue my MBA degree as I found having experience and a Bachelor’s degree is not enough in the business environment today.
This economy in its current state has done much to change the way businesses is done. Do more with less is the motto, and companies are proving this to be true with less employees and growing profits. Companies have trimmed the fat and reduced their management staff and duplicative processes. There are a lot of well-educated people out of work with unemployment at all-time highs with no end in sight. Many would argue that spending money on going back to school for an MBA instead of...