Alcohol Prohibition

Alcohol Prohibition |
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Alcohol prohibition research paper is an argument paper to support banning alcohol beverages around the world. I wrote an introduction in the beginning talk about the definition and the types of alcohol beverages. Also, it includes some examples of countries that tried to ban alcohol beverages. After that the thesis statement comes. In the thesis statement, I recommend to ban alcohol because it guide to many negative things which are written in the body of the research paper. In the first body paragraph, I said that alcohol guide to many negative health effects. It also talks about the BAC. In the second body paragraph, I said that drinking alcohol can lead to drunk-accident. Then, I gave some statistics about drunk-accident. After that, I wrote about my friend’s story. In the third body paragraph, I said that alcohol can lead us to be alcoholism. Then, I wrote about the dangers of being alcoholism. After that I recommend AA for helping alcoholism to get back their normal life. In the fourth body paragraph, I said alcohol may lead to unplanned sexual encounters. Then, I gave some statistics about this situation. After that, I gave an example that I have faced in my own life. In the conclusion, I wrote a brief summery for the paper and after that I recommend a way to effectively prohibit alcohol.        

Research Paper Outline

Th. Statement:   countries around the world should applied because consuming alcohol can guiding to negative health effects, cause many drunk car accidents, lead people to be alcoholism and lead to unplanned sexual encounters.
  1) Topic Sentence 1:   the health effect is the first reason why we should ban alcohol.  
  * Alcohol can cause death for its drinker if he/she got .50 in the BAC. This percent equal to 25 glasses of beer.(Body about BAC and its influence)
  * Heavy...