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Running Head: ADR Clause

Argument Paper
University of Phoenix

The Learning Team Charter is a living document that helps guide the learning team by providing insight to the expectations of the team members as well as ways to resolve potential problems. The use of an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) clause in the charter provides the team with an efficient way to resolve potential disputes between the team that may arise during the course.

ADR Clause for Learning Team B Team Charter
Any dispute between the learning team that lasts longer than 24 hours will cause alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to occur. These disputes will pertain to team members not following the guidelines set forth in the team charter as they relate to the input of team members. Additionally, personal disputes that occur between team members that are not able to be resolved amicably will be referred to ADR at the request of the other team members.
In the event that ADR is needed, it will be provided in the form of a peer review consisting of the course instructor and two classmates selected by the instructor. The criteria for selection to the peer review will be students who are not on the learning team in dispute as well as having demonstrated a high standard of performance in the class. The parties on the learning team involved in the dispute will submit via e-mail to the instructor the cause of the dispute and how each side feels it should be resolved. The documentation will be provided within 24 hours of the dispute going to ADR. The instructor will then forward the documentation to the other members of the peer review to avoid potential future problems within the classroom. The peer review will provide a decision within 48 hours of receiving this documentation. The decision of the peer review is binding and will be sent to the learning team via email once a decision is made. The learning team must comply with the decision within 48 hours of receiving it.