Matt Field.   11. English Advanced

Cover Sheet for Supplementary Material
Text form: Photograph

What is the text about?
This text is about the impact of war in the middle east and its effect on the country people. The photograph is describing the temporary living conditions that   people who have been displaced as a result of the war are forced to embrace. The photograph has captured a section of a refugee camp, where several tents and people are seen going about their business. The camp is situated on a barren lifeless area composed of dirt, rocks debris such as shards of wood. This photograph is displaying the pain and suffering these people are going through due to conflict, and how even something as small as shelter from the weather is no longer available.

How does the text link to the concept of Belonging?
This texts relates to the concept of Belonging through both belonging and not belonging. The people in the photo have been displaced due to violent conflict within the country. These people are shocked, lost, scared, and both mentally and physically unstable. This context links these people to the concept of not belonging, the people no longer belong in their homes, as their homes have been destroyed.
  The image relates to Belonging in other ways. Seen in the photograph there is two populations. One is a family, huddled in the rain with nothing but a flimsy, dirty sheet of carpet to protect them from the cold. The other group is seen from a low angle shot, implying a more powerful, upper class population. This population possesses a rigid weather proof tent, which are aligned in a uniform arrangement. It is this separation of the upper and lower class groups that links this image to “Not Belonging”.
  The population which possesses no tent can be seen huddled together under a small layer of carpet. The way the group is clustered as one, offers safety and power in numbers. It is formation that links the lower...