Matt Damon's Speech at Save Our Schools

Communication model:
Sender = Mat Damon
Message = Knowledge is not based on standardized tests
Receiver = The main receiver is listeners - the schools and the teachers and parents. In general it is reaching out to all of America.
Media = It’s a speech to the teachers and parents and to demonstrate towards the White House  
Channel =   The video was filmed by one of the audience and his speech didn't reach out to as many people as Obamas speech

Modes of appeal:
Ethos = Public person, actor, his mother is a teacher, his own experiences which makes him an “expert” on the subject.

Logos = I was raised by a teacher. My mother is a professor of early childhood education

“Flew overnight from Vancouver to be with you today”

“I had incredible teachers. As I look at my life today, the things I value most about myself — my imagination, my love of acting, my passion for writing, my love of learning, my curiosity — all come from how I was parented and taught.”

“This has been a horrible decade for teachers. I can’t imagine how demoralized you must feel.”

“Now don’t get me wrong. I did have a brush with standardized tests at one point. I remember because my mom went to the principal’s office and said, ‘My kid ain’t taking that. It’s stupid, it won’t tell you anything and it’ll just make him nervous.’ That was in the ’70s when you could talk like that”

Claim = The standardized tests destroys creativity
Data = Because these tests are looking for specific answer   v
Warrant =

Anaphora etc.

Ëxtra Linguistic Feature: