Marrketing Plan

Executive Summary
Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) has accumulated over 50 years of experience, and become a global leader in automated wristband identification systems; they have done this through innovation and have developed their product line through this strategy. When the company’s co-founders started the business, they started out with only a single-piece wristband, with no parts or tools necessary. From the first moment this company was founded they strived to create and access markets that would allow the company to succeed in a completive market.
  Precision Dynamics Corporation's mission is to be the leading and innovative manufacturer and supplier of identification management products worldwide. We will accomplish the mission by providing quality products and services to our customers, as well as a fulfilling work environment for our employees. We will achieve this mission by following our vision of delivering the most revolutionary and reliable wristband identification solutions every day and everywhere around the world.
We at Precision Dynamics Corporation are both a production company and a wholesaler of both Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips and RFID wristbands (SmartBands).   We have been actively involved in distributing our RFID products to healthcare facilities, law enforcement and patron management since 2000.   Recently we have approached Great Wolf Lodge Water Parks and Resorts with our SmartBand technology in order to provide them with a better method of patron management.   Currently we are in the process of establishing a deal with Walt Disney Corporation in order to have our SmartBands become a part of the Disney experience.   We have approached Disney with our plans to implement our RFID technology within their resorts and theme parks so that we may obtain a greater share of the market when it comes to the use of RFID technology within the hospitality industry.
Right now our main competitors are Proximities Inc., Zebra...