Process Implementation Plan

Getting My Son Ready for School Process Improvement Plan

    Statistical Process Control (SPC) can assist with monitoring process behavior.   According to American Society for Quality (1993), “A control chart helps you record data and lets you see when an unusual event, e.g., a very high or low observation compared with “typical” process performance, occurs”(para. 1).   In the case of getting my son ready for school, the parent has collected data each day for five weeks to categorize the necessary steps that would make getting my son ready for school much easier and less time doing.   A flowchart was created to describe the daily tasks performed every morning.   Cycle time is at least one metric identified to measure the process that would help address the seasonal factors along with the overall confidence intervals.   After re-evaluating the current process, the parent has found a solution and created a process improvement plan to suggest the proper steps needed that would be most effective to getting my son ready for school and out the house at 6:30 a.m. every morning.
    In order to meet the goal of getting my son ready for school, the parent needs at least 1 hour to get ready.   Within that hour, the child needs at least 30 minutes.   Both need to get ready before 6:30 a.m.   Using the current process, the total amount of time to get ready is 300 minutes each week which shows the effect of the seasonal factors from the performance data collected each week.   Some factors were found that affected the process of preparation.   (1) Will the parent wake up on time each morning the clock alarms? (2) Can devotion time be shorter or be done the night before?   (3) Can the parent iron the clothes the night before?  
    Getting up on-time is the first problem relating to the process in week one.   The first week started off slow.   The parent was late getting up almost everyone morning.   This was a deviation from the current process of getting ready in 1 hour.   Viewing...