My Plan After Hs

I am the youngest child of my Korean-American family that immigrated to the

United States five years ago. I moved to this country only with the hope of having

better life and education. I graduated middle school in Souther California and I am on

my path to graduate high school this year. I have set certain goals that I would like to

achieve after graduating high school. My plan after high school is to study hard in

college to accomplish my dream of becoming a doctor. In specific, I want to go to a

four-year college majoring in biology and go to a graduate school for additional four

years to get medical degrees. Then, I will go through internship and residency in

hospital to practice my skills and experience the works of doctors.

My goal of becoming a doctor was motivated spontanuously by seeing doctors

help ill patients at a local nursing home. I volunteered at a nursing home called Park

View Gardens for four years and I spent most of my volunteer time with the patients

by reading them books and helping them in fun activities like BINGO and several

physical exercises.   I felf graceful when the patients seeked me for help and when I

was able to be helping hands in their needs. Every week, I also saw doctors examine

each patient's health and the typical warmth touched my heart at each moment. I was

inspired by their interminable mercy and love to help ill people and decided to become

a helpful doctor who can save someone's precious life in the future. Moreover, I

realized the importance of life as I witnessed some patients either lose their breaths or

recover from injury and that realization propelled my dream forward.

It is very important for me to receive a good education. My plan after high

school is to attend a UC school for four years and take all required medical courses

in the major of biology. With my interest in biology and my goal of becoming a

doctor, I will...