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Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.


Billing Unit4237:JALGAON U-II S/DN.AUG-14Consumer No:110012155492Old Consumer No:3009SHRI HEMANT SURESH THAKURPLNO 4 GNO 41 PREM NAGAR 
JALGAON 425001

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PC/MR/Route Sequence2/ 23-2155-228001CategoryLT I Res 1-PhaseDTC:4237612Conn. Load1 KWDuty01Pole No:000000Sanct. Load1 KWSupply Date23-Nov-94

Meter No.Current ReadingPrevious ReadingMFUnitAdj. UnitTotal122449321930918945013640364000000000000000

Security DepositArrears: 530.00Held: 1,800.00Demanded: 0.00

Bill for 1.03 Month(s)
Receipts considered up-to 03-SEP-14 
Meter status: NORMAL 
This bill is based on prevailing MERC tariff less direct subsidy(Rs.412.21) from GOM vide GR.NO. 278 Dated 29/01/2014***/Interim Charges:49.50/GENCO Charge:24.75/TRANSCO Charges:17.60/

Bill Date:15-SEP-14Bill Period:21-JUL-14 to 21-AUG-14

  Rs. Ps.Due Date:07-OCT-142,630.00If Paid by this Date:24-SEP-142,600.00If Paid After this Date:07-OCT-142,680.00*The above amount is being rounded up

 Rs. Ps.Fixed Charges40.00Energy Charges2,027.98Electricity Duty342.39F.A.C.122.78Additional Supply Charges0.00Tax on Sale0.00Previous Bill Credit0.00Current Interest0.00Capacitor Penalty0.00Other Charges91.85Total2,625.00

Net Arrears0.03Adjustments0.00Interest Arrears0.00Total Arrears0.03Net Bill Amount2,625.03Rounded Bill2,630.0023-AUG-143,180.00

After this date: 07-OCT-14
Pay Rs. 2680

Prompt Payment Discount: Rs. 22.83, if bill is on or before 24-SEP-14


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Billing Unit:4237Consumer No:110012155492PC:2Tariff:01

Instructions for Cheque payment:Cheque should be a/c payee only.Cheque should be payable in name of 'MSEDCL', and issued by local bank.Please attach bill with the Cheque and do not staple them.Post dated...