1. Topic
Throughout this report, the aggressive entrance of Mobile Virtual Network Operators, as reseller of mobile services in the telecom market, upon European Union (EU) regulation terms, is going to be analyzed and diagnosed for potential conflicts that would probably presented between Mobile Network operators (MNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO). Upon EU forthcoming regulation applied since 1st of July 2012, MNOs should be able to offer national and roaming Voice and data services to any MVNO that approach them irrelevant the originated business of the Company.
  2. Thesis Statement
MNOs that will effectively handle the massive entrance of MVNOs, as resellers of the current mobile services, in terms of communication, negotiation and pricing policy are going to be quite competitive in either domestic or global mobile market. New mobile perspectives are going to bring new channel conflicts that should be instantly managed through exclusive and joint partnerships under specific products and brands.
  3. Outline
      I. Introduction
      II. Definition of MNOs and MVNOs
    III. European Union Regulation
      IV. Conflict Diagnosis
  a. Development of Alliances
  b. Pricing Competition
  c. Customer Awareness of substitutes
      V. Channel Performance
  a. Gap Analysis
  b. Power of Channels
      VI. Resolution
  a. Pricing Modeling
  b. Negotiation Skills
  c. Communication attributes
  d. Competitive advantages
    VII. Future regulations and challenges
    VIII.   Conclusions
  4. Report methodology
In the beginning of this report MNOs and MVNOs definitions and markets are going to be presented. EU regulations in regards of wholesale access to international and domestic MVNOs are going to be reported in order to clarify the legal contribution and considerations derived from this regulation. Potential conflicts in channels of telecom industry are going to be highlighted and more specifically the development...