Managing and Developing People in the Workplace

Managing and Developing People in the Workplace

“In an ideal world there would be no need for training and development in the workplace as organisations would be able to hire employees with all of the experience, skills and knowledge required to fit their selection criterion and carry out the tasks involved without any further assistance. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and training and development of employees is necessary because most people who apply for jobs with an organisation will only partly fit the selection criterion and therefore will need some development from the beginning plus if they stay with the organisation long term and decided to develop their careers in that organisation they will need on-going opportunities for training and development.”
(HRM for Dummies. Max Messmer)

Most company’s run a first day induction course which covers on site health and safety   and introduces new starters to there line manager who will take over from there. The line manager will then set up a further induction period which could last up to three months during this period new starters shown what their duties are, they will be introduced to their team and they will be given whatever instruction and help that they need to carry out their tasks according best practice. During this time they will be monitored by the HRM team to assess their ability to perform their tasks and to integrate with their team Once they have finished their induction period and settle into their routines in the workplace they will find that the company’s programs for training and development are open to them.

“What employees can expect in most growth orientated organisations that operate in highly completive business environments is that the organisation is looking to have a workforce that has the intellectual capacity to incorporate the knowledge and skills needed to gain completive advantage and stay ahead of...