Managing Organisation and People

This report has developed out of the necessity to successfully accommodate new hires who start their program with wrong behavior problems. It has risen due to a recent influx of new hires who have had to have immediate customer service training due to strange behavior not just towards clients but towards their colleagues too.. I am basing the report on one particular new hire that is currently under disciplinary action; my aim is to create a framework that can be applied to future instances of immediate and urgent new hires wrong behavior. Utilizing concepts and theories from the BZX628 course, I will seek to demonstrate my understanding of an actual case study of a problem and look to develop an understanding and draw conclusions of how best to deal with the situation that has arisen. The report is primarily based around people management.

Problem report
The current problem involves a new hire who has only completed four weeks of work. The workplace is starting to lose patience as there is no concrete reason being given for him to have such strange and rude behavior.
The workplace is now exploring their options regarding termination of his contract. My team has a responsibility to ensure that ALL new hires are well introduced to Company`s procedures and developed up to Company`s standards while on training program. We also have a responsibility to the workplaces we service as they require value for money which is not occurring with the new hire as they have yet to make a meaningful contribution in the workplace. In order to meet our funding requirements from our funding body, we must progressing the new hire, therefore it is in our best interest to integrate him   into the workplace to give the best opportunity of remaining “onboard” and achieving long term success. We also need the workplace to cooperate and view this as an opportunity for a young person who may prove to be a worthy acquisition in the future . I would also like to use this as...