Developing People in the Workplace

Assess how to manage an individual’s expectations in respect to personal development (12 marks)

It is important to ensure that the Individual is encouraged to take some personal responsibility in their own development. The reason for this is that they are then in the driving seat, which gives them control on the speed and direction of their own development.
However, some learners do require more support and guidance. Either way, at all stages of their development the learner should be fully engaged in the learning/development process.

As an assessor when I first meet my learners I complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
with each learner on an individual basis.

This involves:

• Discussion around what the learner needs to achieve. (Qualification).

• Discussion around the learners current skills/experience levels   (S.W.O.T analysis).

• Discussion around any skills/knowledge gaps identified in the S.W.O.T analysis.

• Discussion and agreement with the learner on setting SMART objectives to achieve identified skills/knowledge required for their qualification.

• Dicsussion on ways the learner may achieve their SMART objectives. (Learning style questionnaire, Personal Development Plan)

• Discussion around any support the learner may require to help them achieve their objectives.

As part of the learning process, I arrange Review meetings, generally on a monthly basis.

The Review meetings involve:

• Discussion/review with the learner on their development to date.

• Feedback given to the learner on their development to date.

• Discussion and agreement with the learner on any changes/updates to the SMART objectives within the Personal Development Plan.