Management Behavior Memo

Dear Team, as you all know InterClean is making power moves that are affecting the company as a whole. I would like to discuss management’s behavior in relation to the productivity to our workers, working within a diverse environment as well as management actions that align with employment law and the actions that do not.

According to Wayne F. Cascio Managing Human Resources (2005), there was a section over the key characteristics that are related to success. I feel that if we can implement these characteristics it will help with moral, and the overall productivity of our workers. This will enable them to continue to focus on their job and not worry over their job. I’ve summarized the characteristic in relation to InterClean’s working environment.
• Tenacity and Resilience.   Keeping a positive out perspective despite the current changes.
• Communication. Being vocal to our sales team with all current changes. Letting them utilize the open door policy.
• Adaptability. Making new ideals over how we can train without our employees feeling that it override the time when they are suppose to be on the sales floor.
• Organization and commercial awareness. Gaining ideals over the new prospecting areas when it comes to the new demographics.
• Teamwork. Make yourself available to the sales force. Support their decisions as well as their ideals that may help with the changes. Help boost team spirit.
• Staying Self Disciplined. Make sure that you are professional at all times. Do not discuss things that you do not know defiantly. (That is how RUMORS are started.)
In reference to my work at OfficeMax there has been many time when we were giving drastic changes. Some of the ideals stated above are some of the characteristics that I seen in a few of my supervisors. They were able to motivate as well as adapt quickly giving the lower level employees the confidence that they need to trust in them and help them with the resources that they need.

For InterClean we...