Unit 5003 – Performance Management

Learning Outcomes
  1. Be able to identify & agree performance objectives
  2. Be able to assess performance & provide positive feedback
  3. Be able to understand performance support for improvement
  4. Be able to understand & apply the organisation’s disciplinary &
grievance procedures.

In this assignment I will explore the background to the current performance management systems used within my organisation, how they have developed, how they are employed, & their effectiveness.
I will use organisational pro-formas, objectives & communications, & link them to the current processes & systems, in order to discuss how they support organisational aims/ objectives & hopefully improve individual performance, including the use of the Disciplinary, Capability & Grievance Policies & Procedures, to address any performance issues.
I intend to discuss & assess the overall effectiveness of these systems, by referencing known authors in the management theory field, & by using my own & staff’s personal experiences & opinions, to gauge whether the stated objectives are being met/ worked towards.

To fully understand the build-up to the introduction of the current PDP, (Performance Development Process), in the service I work in
Each worker has a PDP, (Appendix 3: PDP Pro-Forma), containing no more than 6 objectives, but once the Corporate/ Regional/ Service objectives have been translated onto the workers’ PDP, it leaves very little room for the worker to discuss options & reach agreement with their manager over their own objectives. Rather than “goals & the criteria by which performance will be judged..(being).. agreed not imposed”, (Checklist 180/ 3), the process instead becomes a very ‘top-down’ management exercise. (Appendix 4: Services Division Objective setting Feedback Form).
Add to this the tight timeframe for inception & the...