The XXI century has brought many changes for example the Internet, digital technology, social media and many more. We are living in a very competitive world that its inconstant change. Education is one of the most fundamental and important things that humans should focus and give priority in life. Not only because it helps you to grow and expand you’re knowledge and better understanding of different subjects   Education also has a big impact on your professional carrier. Earning your MBA in today’s extremely competitive world is huge advantage not only because it looks professional on a resume because being an MBA signifies that you have the abilities and skills to analyze, strategize and manage problems and to evaluate what are the best solutions for that specific problem. You have the skills required for upper-level and executive management positions. Another great advantage of having an MBA is the experience that you acquire through the distinguished faculty. On MBA level all instructors hold doctorate degrees and multiple years of experience and knowledge. This is an extra tool helps the student because it provides a higher quality learning experience.
Once you have completed your MBA you become a manager. Managers are found around the globe everywhere hospitals, shopping stores, government etc.
According to (Robbins & Coulter, Chapter 1 Managment and Organization, 2012) “ a manager is someone who coordinates and overseer the work of other people so that organizational goals can be accomplished. In traditional structured organizations managers can be classified as first-line, middle, or top. At the lowest level of management, first-line managers manage the work of nonmanagerial employees who typically are involved with producing the organization product or servicing the organization customer. Middle managers manage the work of first-line managers and can be found between the lowest and top level of the organization. At the upper level of...