Assignment 2
"A Critical Incident Occurring within the Workplace"

The aim of this report is to analyze the process of project management and decision making within the early years sector. Also to look at alternative styles and approaches in effectively managing the workforce. I will evaluate theories of motivation and performance enhancement with relation to management. The report is on an incident that occurred in an early years setting. It involves a member of staff being victim to theft within the workplace.

Critical Incident
The critical incident that occurred within the workplace was theft. Money was stolen from an envelope that contained donations from staff members for another member of staff who was leaving the setting. The person to who was responsible for this money had left the opened envelope within the nursery in the baby unit kitchen. This kitchen is located inside the baby room and is assessable for the baby unit staff to use. The member of staff did not inform anyone she was leaving this money overnight and simply left the envelope containing £43 at 4pm when she had finished her shift. It was not until 8.30am the next day when the member of staff went to collect the envelope that she noticed a £20 note missing from the collection. The member of staff questioned the baby unit staff as to the whereabouts of this money and did they have any idea where it was. The staff that was on the morning shift said they had no idea the money was even there as it was put behind the back of the microwave. The member of staff then informed the manager that she had left the envelope there at 4pm the previous day as she has not got a locked cupboard in her room and felt this was a safe place to store it as she has use of this room throughout the day and is next door to her nursery room. She then explained that she had questioned staff to see if they had information or had seen anyone else entering the kitchen, which they had explained to her, they...