This paper gives a description of the four basic functions of management.   In response to the scenario, this paper gives managements’ decision for its manufacturing choice and the reasons for its decision.   It explains why its manufacturing choice was chosen over other options and why.
Management is broken down into four basic functions.   According to English statesman Sir Thomas More (1435-1537), “As a discipline, management consists of the interlocking functions   of formulating corporate policy and organizing, planning, controlling and directing an organization's resources to achieve the policy's objectives (retrieved on September 13, 2011 from   The larger the organization the more likely there will be many levels of management, each division/department responsible for its overall contribution to the company as a whole.
Controlling is the establishment of company standards, monitoring actual performance and taking corrective action if necessary to fix a problem.   An assembly line works properly when all parts are available when needed and this keeps a constant production of products.   When a part is not available, production stops.   Corrective/disciplinary action may be needed to correct the problem. This is done to, not only, fix the problem, but to ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again.
Leading/directing is the building of an effective work climate and opportunity for motivation, supervising, disciplining and scheduling of employees toward company goals.   As an employer, you want to provide a good work environment for your employees.   By establishing company policy, you outline your requirements for the work environment.   This is done so that
Unit 4 Independent Project
all employees will know how to conduct themselves while at work.   If /when an infraction occurs, management will dispense proper disciplinary/corrective action.
Organizing is the assembling of resources to...