Week one through week 3 we implemented various steps of Human Resource Management techniques to a healthy organization. Training and mentoring program was implemented for the new InterClean sales force. Our next step is to develop a performance and career management program that continues to work in alignment with the company’s new strategic direction. This is to say that appraisals are important if you are going to reward employees on their merit or performance. However, this can be a slippery slope when linking an employee’s pay with a performance appraisal. However, doing this can cause conflict between improving performance and deciding on increases. The goal of employee and managers improving performance should be working together, in effect, working on the same team to solve problems. When managers use appraisals to determine pay typically the dynamic changes, the employee and manager are not on the same team.
Performance management includes activities to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. Performance management reminds us that training, strong commitment, and hard work alone is not enough to achieve desired results. InterCleans major contribution of performance management is its focus on achieving results – the sales team will be trained to engage directly with facilities managers, health care professionals, and operational executives in their customers' organizations (University of Phoenix, n.d). In addition to performance management, career management is a critical tool that will be applied to provide employees with a lifelong, self-monitored process of career planning that involves setting personal goals and formulating strategies for achieving them.
The development of a performance and career management program will explain the employee feedback process, manager’s assistance with helping employee’s reach a higher level of performance, opportunities for advancement, flexible schedules, adaptation to team...