What is the business management?
In modern society, there are many subjects. For example, engineering, humanities, Medical, Arts, Physical education, and social science of sociology will be. The significance of these subjects in smaller or more of the details of the study and the department will be divided. Among the more popular courses and subjects that many people will want to learn. Also popular is not just a few people will have to choose subjects. But, among the many studies that science of sociology is one of the most popular subjects. Because the social science community in the most part is being used. And we do not apply to social science is not the life I've been through. Then, what is Social science? Sociology is a science which deals with social phenomena. Then, what is business management will need to learn. What is business management?
The purpose of management effectiveness and efficiency, it will pursue, which is also known as creativity and productivity can be expressed
Business is about people and culture will also be involved
Management of the company and its members must make to grow and develop.
All corporate and other functions will consist of people with knowledge of communication and personal responsibility is needed

To sum up, Business management is corporate management in the economic, technical and human aspects in the study and practices the principles of business activities, says the social sciences. Business in the 20th century industrial structure is complex and many companies become competitive between companies, depending on the actual needs in the management of knowledge and its transfer to organize an independent study in economics is. Management of the National Economic Research has wide, narrowly practical problems that are occurring in the company. The development of national economy and businesses that improve efficiency and profitability of the plan or organization for research on improvement of the system...