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Budget and finance process
Work place recruitment and retention process
Process of ordering resources
Attachments :Financial : staff handbook including recruitment policy

The Zone initiative limited
The Zone Initiative Ltd was established in 1985 by a local community steering group that was to establish an adventure playground in the local community due to lack of facilities at the time.   The Zone Initiative's overall vision is to improve quality of life for the children, young people and the community of the East Ayrshire area.   The organisation aims to improve the quality of life of East Ayrshire residents by providing a range of services from out of school care, youth work, educational play and recreational activities to improve people’s physical, spiritual and mental well being by providing opportunities for training and employment in the area.

The Zone Initiative are a key player in delivering essential services for the communities within East Ayrshire who require support through play, childcare, youth work, training and education elderly and   vulnerable families.   By providing a range of services across all areas of the community allows for greater community cohesion and the opportunity for intergenerational activities to place.   We are unique in offering the range of services in the area working across all age groups.   We operate services 12 months of the year, 6 days per week within our portfolio of services.   Our training arm operates hours similar to a ‘working week’, enabling us to begin to prepare our clients for the world of work within a supportive environment.

The organisation is made up of Staff Members governed by a Board of Trustees including young people and representatives from local community this allows the voices of all participants to be heard directly and through the experts who work with them

The trustees (who...